Data Recovery

External storage media devices are very common. We use these devices to store data or to transfer data between computers. These devices are convenient to carry and offer fast data backup and easy data recovery as compared to other storage devices.

Flash Drives are becoming an essential part of people’s life and they also refer to some portable storage devices. The removable storage media provides a sense of independence to the consumer as they can use and save data anywhere and anytime they want. These storage devices although are portable, easy to use and operate but they have certain demerits thereby more prone to data loss because of physical damage, human errors, virus attack etc.

Some common reasons for data loss:

  • Pulling out of the media without shutting it off.
  • Damage to the media by heat or any liquid.
  • Physical damage due to mishandling.
  • Virus or malware attack.
  • Scratches on CD/ DVD.
  • Damage due to electrical surge etc.
  • Accidental deletion of a file or program
  • Misplacement of CDs or Memory sticks
  • Natural disaster, earthquake, flood, etc.