Office 365

As a certified Microsoft Cloud Partner Moditech have the recognized skills and backing to help your business realise the benefits of Office 365. Moditech have the experience necessary to guide your business through the transition to Office 365, and continue to support you on an on-going basis.


With Office 365 you can work smarter and more flexibly by accessing your data from anywhere, any time. Costs can be reduced with a predictable, flexible monthly pay-as-you-go pricing model. Furthermore reliability is improved with Microsoft’s 99.9% availability guarantee.


Powered by Cloud

Office 365 is powered by cloud which helps you get files and applications from virtually anywhere and it’s always up to date.

Online Conferencing

It enables online conferencing amongst people at different locations, complete with screen sharing and note taking.

Anywhere access to documents

With Office 365, you can work even while you are on the go. It gives you the ability to edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on your mobile devices. So as you reach your destination, you get the updated files right on your desktop.

Browser Compatibity

Create, edit and share office files from any browser with the help of Office 365.

Cloud Storage

Office 365 is secure and compliant. The data stored in the cloud is private and can be used only by you.

Emails and calendars

Emails and calendars can be reached from anywhere and shared virtually to keep people in sync. This helps you in managing busy schedules and meeting them on time.


Files can be securely shared with co-workers, customers and partners through Office 365. It keeps the documents current and accessible from anywhere.